A Cry for urgent humanitarian emergency response for people in Tigray from Bishop of Catholic Eparchy Adigrat

Bishop of Catholic Eparchy Adigrat has wrote the following letter to the international community on the humanitarian crisis happening in Tigray.

Subject: A Cry for urgent humanitarian emergency response for people in Tigray from Bishop of Catholic Eparchy Adigrat

Greeting of peace in Chris!
Having sent my appeal to you through my team on Nov 23, 2020 updating you on the current war in Tigray and the need for the afflicted population, i am writing you this appeal once again with terrible/dire humanitarian situation which we are experiencing here in Tigray Region because of the war which has started on Nov 4 2020. The people, including Eritrean refugees, have run out of food items, basic life-saving medicines, water, etc. and have no access to essential services like shelters, electricity, banking, telephone/internet connection, transport, and health to help their families. It is a daily reality to hear  dying with the fighting consequences, lack of food, insulin and other basic medicines million of people (most of women and children) are displaced from their homes looking for safety and to save their lives. However, all of them were displaced without food and water to all over the ragged mountains and valleys of Tigray to escape from heavy artillery shelling and air strikes. Thus, the need for urgent humanitarian
emergency response is vital to save millions of people in dire condition to say the least. The rest mostly from the western Tigray Region have also fled to find refuge in Sudan.

On this occasion, I call on the concerned bodies to coordinate and make all necessary efforts to respond to the pressing humanitarian need to save millions of lives in Tigray Region afflicted by the ongoing devastating war. The Ethiopian Catholic Church – Adigrat Diocesan Catholic Secretariat, including all the  Congregations working in the diocese, is ready to work with the national  and international partners and donors to respond to this war induced humanitarian crisis in Tigray as soon as possible.

We remain deeply grateful to your understanding of this very painful situation which the population and all are experiencing through at the moment.

please remember us in your prayers, and God bless you and the precious services of your organizations.

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