BREAKING NEWS! ENDF’s General reveals that the war in Tigray was prepared months before it began.

General of Ethiopian Defence Forse (EDF) reveals that the war in Tigray was prepared months before it began in November 2020. He said in an interview broadcasted by the National Television, the EDF was prepared the tanks and bullets for the war and alerted their alliances in the Northern Command.

In the interview, the General said that he was in Ba’eker near Humera, western Tigray and had instructed Battalions in secret which before the war in Tigray started on Nov. 3/2020.

On November 3 2020, the war in Tigray was declared by the Prime minister of Ethiopia Abiy Ahmed Ali with the involvement of Eritrean forces, Somalia forces, UAE drones as well as the special forces of the various regions of Ethiopia.

Abere Adamu, Amhara Police Commissioner, revealed how they start the war on Tigray with END

In a press release Abere Adamu, said that the Amhara regional police and Temesgen Tiruneh(at the time) who was the president of the Amhara Region, already knew that the war in Tigray was going to happen and accordingly they deployed the forced in places in the boarders from east to west before the war started.

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