Manifest DMV area Tigrayan Protest Against the Sexual assault on Tigrayan

On February 3, 2021, at 11: 00, more than 500 residents of DMV and its surroundings, by resisting the cold and respecting the COVID-19 rules, they started protesting against the erosion of women violence in Tigray, the blocking of humanitarian access to Tigray by the Federal Government, mass killings of civilian, the destruction of churches and mosques, death of the people of Tigray by starvation, the eradication of their culture and identity.

On November 3 2020, the war in Tigray was declared by the Prime minister of Ethiopia Abiy Ahmed Ali with the involvement of Eritrean forces, Somalia forces, UAE drones as well as the special forces of the various regions of Ethiopia. And on November 28 2020 the Federal government of Ethiopia declared a victory, however different reports indicates that the war is still happening on different parts of Tigray. 

The invading forces are raping girls and mothers in Tigray, as reports say that a single girl and mother is being raped by 2 to 15 soldiers at the same time and those refuse are being killed by the Ethiopian and Eritrean forces. UN described it as ‘Disturbing’ rape allegations. As we see it in the video recorded the DMV area Tigrayan residents have held a Protest Against the sexual assault on Tigraian women by Eritrean soldiers and Ethiopian soldiers and they call on the Biden Administration to act now, imposing sanctions and embargoes against Ethiopia.

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