Tigrayan and Eritreans Residents in German city of Frankfurt and its surrounding have organized a demonstration protesting against the erosion of women violence in Tigray, the blocking of humanitarian access to Tigray by the Federal Government, mass killings of civilian, the destruction of churches and mosques, death of the people of Tigray by starvation, the eradication of their culture and identity.

On January 28, 2021, at 11: 00, more than 500 residents of the city of Frankfurt and its surroundings by resisting the cold and heavy rain, by respecting the COVID-19 rules, they started to demonstrate the issues the problems facing the people of Tigray and Eritrean refuges whose voices were obscured and are being killed by the soldiers of Ethiopian and Eritrean.

Among the slogans shown in the protest was, the sexual violence happening in Tigray “Choose, I kill you or rape you” was one of the symbols. This story was told to Reuters by a 25-year-old female who been flee from Humera to Sudan, on her journey to Sudan she had been raped by Ethiopian Defence Force member, the soldier gave her two alternatives to kill her or to rape her.

Another slogan shown by the protesters was that, a women giving birth while forced to flee war and hunger. The story was taken from a father who had flee to Sudan and told to BBC that his wife had been hiding from soldiers in the wilderness and had given birth to twins some days later, unfortunately she passed away after giving birth, he flee to Sudan with his new born twins in a basket. In this protest they try to show a woman that has given birth to twins on the road and then her husband cries in a grief-stricken. The protesters said the hospitals in Tigray have been looted or burned.

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