Tigray Government calls for respect of international laws and agreements and affirms to fight.

This week marks the fourth month since Abiy Ahmed, his Amhara expansionist partners, and his arch partner-in-crime, Isaias Afewerki launched their brazen attack against and open invasion on the people of Tigray. Thousands of civilians have been massacred, hundreds of thousands forcibly displaced from their homes, civilian installations and infrastructures systematically destroyed.

The genocidal campaign against the people of Tigray has since been gathering pace in clear defiance of the ordinary notions of international law and laws of war. The Government of Tigray appreciates the concerted effort the international community has been exerting to expose, condemn and hold to account the evil deeds of Abiy Ahmed and Isaias Afewerki’s forces as well as their Amhara Expansionist partners and to call attention to the plight of, and extend humanitarian support for the people of Tigray.

In this regard, the Government of Tigray would like to commend the United States institutions and more particularly the Biden Administration for their principled position against war crimes and all forms of impunity. Their strong stand in the UN Scurity Council attests to this firm position. The Government of Tigray remains committed to allowing humanitarian access while at the same time reserving its right to defend the interests of its people by force when necessary. While we hope and expect the International Community in general and the United States and its partners in the UNSC in particular to make good on their promise to act, we believe the ultimate solution against occupation is in the hands of the people of Tigray and its Defense Forces.

Despite shamelessly protesting its innocence and profusely promising to allow access to humanitarian agencies and international investigation into allegations, Abiy Ahmed’s regime and its partners in crime have only step up their war crimes and crimes against humanity in recent weeks and days. The Eritrean regime has been amassing even more divisions in Tigray. Abiy Ahmed and Isaias only understand the language of force, not of peace. As the statement of the US State Department clearly underlines, these forces need to unconditionally withdraw from Tigray and allow access to humanitarian agencies to extend support for the needy.

While once again reiterating our commitment to peace and respect for international laws and covenants in this conflict and our readiness to work with relevant international bodies in the furtherance of peace, the Government and Defence Forces of Tigray will continue to fight against all enemies of the people of Tigray until such time that our people are fully liberated from occupation and all perpetrators of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity are held accountable.

The Government of the State of Tigray

06 March, 2021

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