“We’ll see if [Blinken] Saves you” Advocacy for Justice and Democracy Forum (Tegezo) Statement

Advocacy for Justice and Democracy Forum (Tegezo) release the following press Statement regarding the situation in western Tigray and the statement by U.S Secretary Antony Blinken’s.

“We’ll see if [Blinken] Saves you”

U.S secretary Antony Blinken’s Tigray statements are followed by an escalation of ethnic cleansing in west Tigray.
The ethnic cleansing happening in west Tigray has escalated dramatically in the weeks following Secretary Blinken’s calls for the withdrawal of Amhara militia from west Tigray. Blinken made the call in early March through state Department press release and in a congressional hearing in early March as well as on his official twitter account.

However, the statements were immediately rejected by the government of Ethiopian. Worse, they were responded with an escalation of the ethnic cleansing process.

The Amhara militia and newly assigned officials are telling people “we’ll see if Blinken saves you”, according to refugees arriving daily in central Tigray since they are denied safe passage to near by sudan.

A high level official of the “interim administration of Tigray”. Appointed by PM Abiy ahmed, confirmed to VOA that more thatn 700,000 Tigrayans are forced out from west Tigray.

We appreciate the focus the new U.S administration in dealing with the Tigray war, especially compared to the previous administration that was absent to say the least. However, weeks of inaction while the ethnic cleansing is escalating is emboldening the perpetrators as the past weeks are demonstrating in west Tigray. It will further erode trust in the international commitment for humanitarian law.

We would like to urge the international community and the U.S state department for a speedy action to put an end to the ethnic cleansing in west Tigray and help the victims.

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