What is now the solution for the Ethiopian crisis and the bloody war on Tigray?

The tension between Tigray and Addis grew due to differences in the way out for a peaceful power transition. While Tigray called for all inclusive dialogue, Addis demanded a dialogue between Addis and Tigray. Tigray remained firm in saying the problem of the country is beyond the problem between Tigray and Addis. All parties who have different interest and demand need to be invited and discussed with. All political leaders in prison need to be released and a peaceful way out need to be found. With these, all differences, when the tension was escalating and the war was inevitable, many national and international personalities have been suggesting a peaceful discussion to come into common terms.

The regime in Addis has been committed to destroying the government of Tigray and was confident on its tactics to dismantle the leaders using the ENDF in Tigray ( northern command) supported by special commandos, and therefore, refused to accept any of the suggestions. However, this was not possible as the government in Tigray was aware of it and aborted the plan. Finally, a full fledged war was declared on Tigray on Nov 4. Since then thousands of soldiers have been killed, thousands of innocent people are killed, multi billion dollar factories, public services, and individual properties have been looted or destroyed, thousands of innocent people are displaced, millions are starved and above all innocent people and long time serving leaders are humiliated and killed.

Shamelessly, the government in Addis has invited foreign governments to do whatever they want in Tigray and rented drones to destroy the people and their public and individual properties.These foreign forces and their drones were allowed to destroy nation pride historical and religious sites such as Mariam_Tsion ( home of the Ark of Covenant), Abune Aregawi monastery, and many other churches, and the Al_Nejashi mosque. After these all, what is the solution at least to bring the situation to a level of zero armed confrontation?

Now after these prices paid, any political negotiations that result in the continuation of the current regime in Addis and keep going as if nothing has happened could not be accepted by anyone in Tigray. By any means, a negotiation that brings all parties in Ethiopia including those in prison into a discussion and eliminates the running officials including the prime minister is the least that Tigray and its people could demand. These officials have committed treachery on their own country and people, crushed its economy, destroyed its armament, and untied all people to people connecting threads. They destroyed nation treasures and people’s dignity. They attacked the religion ( both Christianity and Isalm).

Therefore, any solution that is less than a change in personalities in Addis palace, establishing all including transitional government would a double punishment to Tigray. On the other hand, keeping the statuesque ( fighting and trying to determine the fate of the nation by the results of the war) would leave Tigray to fight indefinitely till it ensures its own safety on its hands.

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