With Seyoum Mesfin – in one Flight  Heroic, Fearful, Cruel

“This is an article from the testimony of Mr. Seyoum Mesfin”

I think it was in 1986 I had the opportunity to travel with the former foreign minister of Ethiopia, Seyoum Mesfin.
Our destination was Saudi Arabia. Although the plane was not a huge as of the Saudi king, but it was very comfortable. The layout of the chairs itself is like that of the house of the kings living room. The reason I became part of the journey was to become a journalist for Ethiopian TV and to report on the diplomacy in which the foreign minister would represent Ethiopia. There were two cameras with me, Isaias Lemma and his assistance Selomon Endalew.

After staying two days in Riyadh we went to Jeddah. Both of us stayed in a comfortable lodging room for government guests. On one occasion, when we moved back to our hotel, we met with Minister Seyoum in elevator. After we had hand shaking, Isaias came to see him and touched their hands, and they both had electric had shack and both were shocked. I think this happens rare. But Isaias sneaked hugely to the subject, and then he brought it to the usual agenda. Unfortunatly, it wasn’t short that can finish in the elevator.

“You know why Dear Minister, when I was capturing Emperor Haileslasie when he was stepping down from the palace to the court level, the camera’s rope crushed me and I fell backward and was devastated. My spine was misplaced. With the support of his Emperor Haileslasie, I went to Israel for medication. But there is still an
iron that I had to support my back. And it’s the iron that created the electricity for you right now.” It doesn’t seem that Seyoum believes what he heard. But without letting it make him accept, “Is it?, well” he says, he paused at the hall to finish. He passed him politely. Isaias uses every situation and every opportunity to tell this story.

The next morning in jeddah, he went with out telling us. So we went to the city to capture some video by asking the residents. We also had no car and money, so we did not want to  travel in the city. When Mr. Seyoum returned from his departure, he saw us sitting in the guest house. He paused for a while,  and he spoke to us something that would not be heard, and he went to the elevator. The Guardman came to us and said, “Mr. Seyoum ordered a car from the consulate of Ethiopia to show you the city, so now let me call them, get ready.” Isaias boldly exclaimed “What are we going to make the city without pocket money?”. However, we did. When we were going out, the guardman came again and said “for three of you Seyoum gives a pocket money 300 dollars to visit the city.” From that onwards Isaias was happy and grateful.

After a while, a book called perseverance “ጽናት” was published by Hailay Hadgu.  The book tried to emphasize the
kindness and courage of Seyoum. In the book the courage and  compassion of Seyoum and the way he faces to his companions the dangers without fear is widely seen. His love for the public is incomparable. Although he had friends in many countries, he did not approve of being employed by an outside organization.  Seyoum was the elderly who was suffering from backward pain, eventhough he never give-up.

Seyoum has presented many new diplomatic and peace concepts to serve in Africa and Ethiopia and it is testifying by international scholars and diplomats. Ethiopia, Africa in general was also increasing it’s influence at times. The Ethiopian surface was also taking a positive image. People who used to say “killing is defeat” ruthlessly crushed the life of an old Mr. Seyoum. The idea is that to lower the confidence of the public. The result was the opposite. They made a name more important to each person’s heart. Next, in Tigray, the number of children who are called Seyoum would increase.

Rest In Peace

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