Taye Dendea Higher official of Abiy Administration declares US is enemy of Ethiopia

Higher official of Abiy’s Ethiopia Administration just posted in july 21 2021 declaring that the US is the enemy of Ethiopia, US’s covid vaccine donation to Ethiopia could be CIA’s conspiracy operation to spread the virus in Ethiopia.

Here below is the translation from his facebook post in july 21 2021.


The United States by slander the election of Ethiopia is bringing retired politicians to appoint a messy government against Ethiopia in the name of the donation. It’s siding with our enemies from filling GERD, it has morally and materially supporting the junta(TDF)  which has been its main objective of demolishing Ethiopia. In Ethiopia, it has been used to determine district and kebele borders! To forget the grudge, it’s asking to talk to the media by saying “I have given Covid-19 vaccine to Ethiopia.”  It has done something a little bit and made a lot of abstraction! “I hate what Ethiopians chose and I love Ethiopians!” said. 

And there are questions. Why does a nation that doesn’t respect the choice of Ethiopians and Ethiopia’s sovereignty give us help? And why does they want the help to be reported by the media? And why does the media reporting that we are receiving help as a great victory? Why do we receive help from the enemy? How do we know that the vaccine itself is not a CIA conspiracy to expand Corona in Ethiopia? I belief, moral and health issues are good for us by rejecting the vaccine from US! Better to die freely!”

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