Why Daniel Bekelle, the Genocide facilitator can’t make neutral nor independent investigation in Tigray

As reported repeatedly in a letter by Seb Hidri Civil Society Tigray and Opposition political parties of Tigray to Ms Michelle Bachelet, United Nation Higher commissioner for Human Rights (UNHR)  Here is another video that proves Daniel Bekelle can not make a neutral nor independent investigation in Tigray.

  1. He denied that atrocities were committed in Tigray; he says that “he is comforted by by the how the “military operation” went on.
  2. He uses “military operation” taking the line of propaganda by Ethiopian government, not “a conflict” or “a war” terms humanitarians normally use. He himself is a waring party;
  3. Passionately and immensely Praises the “reform leadership”, and says “Ethiopian Human Rights situation has profoundly improved”.
While Daniel gives the statements

Daniel and his Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC) are politically and Ethnically oriented in to serving a specific group in Ethiopia. They are never neutral, nor independent. Daniel and EHRC themselves are waring parties in the war of Genocide on Tigray; they are also enablers and co-instigators of the War crimes and crimes on humanity , including the ethnic cleaning , Genocide , and systemic use of rape and starvation as weapon of war.

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